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This is where you can give comment or just stay in touch with me! Write what ever you want (only nice things :-)). It can take a day or two before it get published because I need to approve the comment!


// Adrian


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5 comments on “write a comment
  1. Daniel says:

    Good luck with your new and awesome website! It´s not as awesome as your boat but it will have to do!

  2. Anna says:

    Good luck with everything Adrian! And thank you for all your help with our boat!

  3. Patrik says:

    This looks amazing!!! How many people can you take on your boat

  4. adrian says:

    Hello, Patrik! Maximum four persons, in two cabins, this way we all have plenty of space.

  5. Andreas Hanglberger says:

    Well how to describe Adrian and the boat Attila… for me when i first encountered them in 2009 in Panama City… I do not want to sound romantic or fantastic, but it was a revelation! The living proof of a totally different way of being, even within the yachting scene.
    Just imagine a tall Hun warrior on a viking boat. You are pretty much there. At that time I came to the conclusion that in his young age he had seen more than others wouldn`t be able to experience in two or more.
    What fascinated me most was his profound ancient mariner knowledge which he was never tired to share and which can enable you to lead a millionaires life as a simple woman/man, if you are dedicated.
    At least it made me change my life to become a human of the sea, hahahahhaaa.
    Thanks and all the best. Sail ho!

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