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Questions and answers for future crewmates

Do I need to know how to sail?

  • No previous sailing experience is required. We run our ship with such small crew, that you will not have a problem with fitting in, according to your skills and wants. If you want to help out with hauling anchor, steering the boat or setting a sail you are more than welcome, but it is also cool if you prefer to read a book, stay in your bunk or troll for a fish instead.

How much does it cost?

  • Cost is based on a shared expenses basis. Contact me for more detailed information! This price varies a bit depending of trip, engine use and provisioning requirements.

Is it dangerous?

  • Attila has sailed over 30 thousand miles with her present skipper, including many miles on the stormy higher latitudes of the South Pacific, without any mishaps. This does not mean that accidents/gear breakdowns will not happen in the future, but it certainly means that the Attila approach to safety has worked well during her last decade on the sea. Nevertheless, we advise all crew members to purchase their own medical insurance policy.

Is Attila a luxury boat?

  • No, it is an expedition sailboat. At the outfitting of the ship we have paid way more attention to structural strength and seaworthiness, than to varnishing and bronze polishing. But she might surprise you with her amenities: We have 5 bunks, each with its own locker, new and comfy foam, pillows and sheets. Every bunk has good ventilation, and everybody has a reading light. We have a full sized bathroom, with a fresh-water shower. Our shower-water is supplied by our own water-maker, and we have hundreds of liters of filtered spring water in our water tanks, for drinking, from the springs of Moorea and Huahine. We also have satellite communications equipment on board, to communicate in case of emergencies, or to keep in touch with our families. To listen to music, we have a 4 speaker, 800 watt stereo installed, and we watch movies on our 19″ screen, driven by a Linux computer.

Is it a charter?

  • No, we do not offer charter services. Attila is a private yacht, with crew members who agree to contribute towards the running costs, provisions, fuel and maintenance.

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