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The Roaring Forties

An expedition to Antarctica turned into a 2 year voyage into the most remote corners of the world. While we did not reach the Antarctic peninsula that year, as originally planned, we have covered a great part of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

After my fishing accident off Easter Island, we were forced to seek medical assistance first in Pitcairn Island, then in the Gambier Islands and then in Tahiti. The search for affordable eye reconstruction was not very successful, but we did manage to make lifelong friends at all the islands visited, and have sailed thousands of miles on the most beautiful ocean of the world.

After Tahiti, we decided to sail to Southern Chile, via Raivavai and Robinson Crusoe Island. In Chile they performed an experimental surgery on my eye, and Dr. Bustos managed to save it.After recovery, I sailed back to Panama, to continue sailing in tropical seas again.

My current position

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Anchored at Marina Taina

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